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Times Of Renovation

They say not to put off till tomorrow those things that you can do today… well a “small” leak in our kitchen has become a major issue and we are in times of renovation now!

times of renovation

We found leaking under our kitchen sink and once ripped out found that one of the bowls under the drain trap was rusted out.  All the wood under the counter top where the tap sat was also soaked through all the way to the wall.

Which meant ripping out the bottom cupboards and all the back splash and drywall behind to see how far the damage went.

We found the plastic over the insulation was gone in places and years ago there must have been some outside wall seepage because the insulation in the corner was black. So we replaced all that.

Then came the fun part! The floor needed to be cut out in one place because the wood from the water looked fossilized from being so wet. This meant cutting around blocks of cement from the original pony walls when the house was built.

At this point Chris said he was feeling a tad bit overwhelmed. I could identify. Trying to keep four kids out of the construction zone was a nightmare!

Since we had come this far in demolition we decided we might as well pull out the old window and replace it as well!

times of renovation

Now Chris has to go back to work and then Dj a wedding on the weekend, so this means everything will be at a standstill till Sunday when we can get back to it all.

It will be a long week or two ahead with no kitchen and trying to cook for all of us still…