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Registration Day Is Here

Registration day is here for Michael and Beverley’s Autism camp intake this summer. Even though registration is from 10 to 12 pm we have to go stand in line an hour and a half before to make sure they get a spot.

The weather is still cool, so we bundle up in winter coats, hats and mittens to stand outside the main door.

Once inside it took me 45 minutes just to fill out the applications for them both, but I had a great time visiting with other parents and catching up on their lives and daily challenges.

Listening to conversations ebb and flow around me, now more than ever I am convinced that I need to finish writing the book that I started last November. There are parents out there still struggling to understand their child’s needs. Resources here are few and far between and parents are confused where to look for answers and are still trying just to cope with everyday living.

It also reinforced the idea to start an Autism parent group here in the city where we could meet once or twice a month to support one another. To throw ideas around within the group as to what works or didn’t work for them and to gain new strategies to try.  As well as a Facebook group for local parents that may work or have trouble finding a sitter to utilize as well when the personal meetings can’t be attended.

After all is finished, Michael and Beverley, have each been registered for five weeks of Autism camp. I’m grateful that we have the camps each year to send them to. They learn so much there: from communication, social areas and independent life skills.

Below are a couple pictures from last year Autism camp and the fun they had!

Registration Day Is Here

I can’t wait for the growth I will see again at the end of the five weeks! The precious smiles and beautiful art work.   :)