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Juggling Medications

It has been four weeks since Beverley was in the hospital for her allergic reaction and since that time it’s been crazy juggling medications.

Last week at school there was five incident reports filled out on Beverley¬† reporting aggression issues. Again it’s gone to the Safety and Occupation Health level. At this rate Beverley is going to be thrown out of school.

I’m trying to juggle between her Risperidone medication,

Claritin, a nasal spray to help bring down the swelling in her nose passages and her gummy bear Melatonin sleep aid before bed…

A quick trip back to the doctor yesterday now has added an epi-pen into the mix. My girl is having such a hard time breathing through her nose and it’s making her miserable in every other area.

The pollens and tree dander that is flying in the air these last couple days make it seem like it’s snowing outside.¬† :(

juggling medications

So now we have increased her Risperidone night dose as well to see if there is an improvement at school. Less than 25 min into the school day though and the principal was on my phone.

Beverley is sleeping in class again. It is either that or she’s hitting or kicking someone.
I am wondering how many days it takes before the increase in Risperidone makes a difference in her behavior?

I actually wonder some days if it’s possible to overdose a child by juggling medications like this?