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A Moment Of Clarity

It has been a long couple of weeks struggling along through this thing that’s called “life”, but I had a moment of clarity today as I came across this Facebook post…

A moment of clarity


You see I have been battling thoughts of depression and that I just can’t handle one more day of this Autism journey… that the challenges of raising our kids are too much for me.

I have been grinding my way along trying to understand why God would choose me to raise special needs children when I can barely find my way in life lately.

And then I came across this family…

My whole attitude rapidly shifted as I could only imagine the pain of losing a son, a brother and a friend. How could someone so brave remain so positive in times of such hardship?

I sat on my couch crying after I went back and followed his whole story. Then I sat thinking about my own children and how I would feel if anything ever happened to them.

Even though the struggle and challenges are real when it comes to day to day living with two children on the Autism spectrum – it is nothing compared to dealing with medical issues and trying to smile through watching someone you love fade away before your eyes.

So as we pull into Easter this weekend, I will continue to keep my eyes on Jesus and be grateful for whatever comes my way. I will smile and laugh and be grateful for my family and the challenges that mold me into the person I am to be.

In this quick moment of clarity I discovered that I am strong enough to make it through to the other side. This family has given me hope. Please pray for them as they prepare to remember Jesse’s Journey these last 871 days and go into the future without him.

Bless you!