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My Etsy Shop Jazzy Hook Designs is Now Open!

After much humming and “ho ho ho” ing – I officially opened my new Etsy shop Jazzy Hook Designs!

For the last couple months I have been trying to decide if I want to crochet full time from home and sell my creations or just keep telling people by word of mouth and just letting the cards lay, but I realized everything I have been designing is now building up! LOL

So… Jazzy Hook Designs was opened to reach a more broader range of people and fingers crossed – my stash starts moving :)

I will be slowly adding pictures and items I have made as time will allow. My schedule is busy right now trying to catch up with doctor apt’s, eye apt’s and dentist apt’s! Not to mention Chris’ truck broke down so I’m down to one vehicle and running him around as well – thankful we get his truck out of the shop today!

I will also be uploading some patterns designed by myself with pictures so you may take advantage of them as well!

Now I must be going for it’s after midnight – super excited to start this next quest in life :)
Have a wonderful nite!