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Could Amino Acid Carnitine Decrease Autism Rate?


I found this new article talking about how an increase in amino acid carnitine before and during prenatal screening may decrease the chances of your child being diagnosed with Autism later on.

Zhigang Xie with the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine, has been studying the pros and cons of carnitine in pregnant women. His conclusion was that a amino acid Carnitine deficiency interrupts the neutral stem cells and how they contribute to embryonic and fetal brain development.

The study also showed that neural stem cells that didn’t produce Carnitine on their own could still have it supplied through supplements and work correctly.  Read more…

Could we be onto something?

I often wonder if we will ever find a cure for this ever increasing rise in Autism.  The economic burden it places on countries: from medical costs, to special needs education, to later on specialized care homes.

Not to mention the financial and emotional stress placed on families where one parent is forced to work while the other takes over full time care responsibilities for their children and is unable to work.

I can’t wait till the clinical trial results are known. The findings behind amino acid carnitine deficiency could be the answer we have all waited patiently for.