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A Transformation In Beverley

Since being moved from the old school to this one – I have seen huge transformations in Beverley! She clearly loves this new classroom and the kids relate so well with her. She has already made a new friend or two.

When I left her in the new room, Bailey, one of the girls was so happy to see her. Makes my heart glad to see Beverley treated respectfully now. None of the previous behaviors are being displayed. She is not hitting, not kicking and not yelling or slapping.

It almost makes a parent wonder what goes on behind closed doors in these classrooms.

She is enjoying playing with the kids and encouraged to do so. There is no segregation going on here!

I found this old picture of Beverley and this is totally her today! Easy going, smiling and happy.

a transformation in Beverley

I love getting the kids ready for school in the morning now and hearing Beverley say, “Yes School please!” What a transformation from the absolute resounding “NO” I used to get!

It was heart breaking before to send her somewhere she clearly hated and didn’t like.

Listen with both ears to the words being said verbally and all the nonverbal signals in between! Then you will never be wrong.

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