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One Mother’s Story

I do a lot of reading online about Autism and what the latest therapies are out there. I even look into what other parents are trying or have tried.

I came upon Patricia Cerniglia’s story and wanted to share it with you! She talks about how her regular doctor would not diagnose her son, so she took him to see Dr. David Berger after hearing about his previous success working with Autism.

She had her son Michael tested for heavy metals in his body and found the results were off the scale so they started glutathione to detox his body which immediately worked.

They also implemented a gluten, casein free, wheat free and dairy free diet. She talks about the benefits of Almond Milk vs. other forms of milk.

She talks about Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cranial-sacral therapy, and ionic foot baths.

Watch the video to learn more about her special story and her son Michael!

When Patricia talks about how specific foods and artificial flavorings trigger his stimming, I think of my son Michael. This is him to a “T”. There are certain foods that within 10 minutes of him consuming it – he is pacing wildly and humming more louder. He pulls down his ears and folds them over while his eyes scan from side to side and he shakes his head…

I can tell that he is no longer with us and his senses are on over-ride. It’s like I can almost see the thoughts are not meeting his brain anymore and like Patricia says – they are just bouncing all over the place and on the odd chance he does say something – it’s in the form of echolalia.

It is interesting that Patricia mentions her son’s aversion to staying long periods in a swimming pool due to chlorine. My daughter Beverley loves to swim and this doesn’t seem to affect her, however on my son Michael he doesn’t seem to like the pool at all! Maybe this is why?

I hope you learned some interesting things through this video to think about and maybe apply to your family’s walk with Autism. Bless you!