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People With Autism Don’t Lack Empathy

A groundbreaking study suggests people with autism-spectrum disorders such as Asperger’s do not lack empathy — rather they feel others’ emotions too intensely to cope.  Read more…

I sat and did a mental thought through process on my kids as I was reading this interesting article. Michael and Beverley were both diagnosed with Autism 9 & 10 years ago.

In all this time I’ve watched them, journaled them, and continued to “TEST” them. I’ve tried fake crying in front of them to see how they react… with them both they have always responded by coming up to me and giving me a hug or touching my face.

I think in the feeling of empathy they both respond rather well. When I was going through an emotional rocky time a couple years ago – I saw it affect them both. More so Michael though.

He would be really huggy with me all day and at nite he would wake and come down the hallway to snuggle next to me. He knew I was hurting, but instead of avoidance – he was flocking toward me. He is NOT a co-dependent sleeper either. From day one I’ve always taken him back to his own bed until after 7 am. Then it’s game on and snuggle with mom all you want!

I read this next part:

“I can walk into a room and feel what everyone is feeling. The problem is that it all comes in faster than I can process it.”

“There are those who say autistic people don’t feel enough,” says Kamila Markram. “We’re saying exactly the opposite: They feel too much.” Virtually all people with ASD report various types of oversensitivity and intense fear. The Markrams argue that social difficulties of those with ASDs stem from trying to cope with a world where someone has turned the volume on all the senses and feelings up past 10.” Read more…

And bang! Dead on for both of my children!

I actually carry around 2 sets of noise reduction headphones hanging off my purse when we go into public places because the noise off the four walls and ceilings overwhelms them.

I don’t go into many crowded functions or places with them. I can literally feel their pain. Rubbing up against other people is to hard for them to handle. Textures of clothes. Smells of perfume… it doesn’t take long before screaming and meltdowns happen!

I don’t hide my children away, but I do monitor how long they stay in any of these environments when we do go. I totally understand the drain on all their senses and how hard it is to cope.

All in all, this article was a very good read for other parents who haven’t the understanding yet on their children.

I’m more of a proactive learner and visual processor type who goes to the extreme on monitoring things around me! :D LOL

Hope you found this post to be helpful and that you learned some new things.