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A Trip To The Emergency Room

It appears the flu bug has hit our house and Beverley is one of the last of us to suffer, but the surprise came when I ended up having to take her on a trip to the Emergency room.

Beverley woke upĀ  choking and sneezing this school day morning, so I assumed she was coming down with the flu bug like the rest of us.

I made the kids their breakfast and started in on lunches for school. When that was all said and done – we piled into the van for the ride to school.

On the way to school I noticed that Beverley was half crying, half whimpering and simply thought that her tablet hadn’t been put on the charger the night before and was going dead.

We pulled into the school parking lot and I let Lesley out for school. I was keeping the other 3 children from school because they were all sick.

On the way home I noticed Beverley was even more agitated and was starting to cry. She sits in the back on the van, so while driving I never turned around to look at her to see what might have been wrong…

Pulling up in front of the house, I gave Beverley my keys to go open up the front door and I got the rest of the kids out of the van and locked it.

It wasn’t until I stepped into the kitchen and flipped the light on and saw Beverley sitting at the table that I realized something was seriously wrong.

Her eye lids were starting to swell up and she was crying and rubbing them raw. I got a cold washcloth to put over her eyes and gave her a dose of Benadryl, but after waiting twenty minutes, her symptoms were getting worse!

She went and laid down on my bed and was having a hard time breathing through her nose. It sounded like she was wheezing?

Because Beverley can’t answer my questions or tell me where it hurts or what is wrong – I quickly called my father-in-law to come and watch the boys and took her on a trip to the Emergency room. By this point Beverley’s face and eyes were swollen and she could barely open her eyes.

A Trip To The Emergency Room

I led her in to the hospital where they checked her over. The doctor told me she was just having a seasonal allergy reaction! Wow…

I was given a prescription for Ranitidine and then sent home.

I then got online to research about this drug because I have never been around someone with severe allergies before. I never knew there was things called H1 Blockers and H2 Blockers or what they call H1 Receptors and H2 Receptors!

To learn more yourself about Antihistamines for allergy reactions, you may find this website informative and hopefully avoid a trip to the Emergency Room!