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What’s Wrong With David?

For the longest time I’ve watched my youngest child and wondered what’s wrong with David? I have always wondered if he falls somewhere on the Autism Spectrum… if it’s Asperger’s or ADHD?

what's wrong with David

His teachers these last 3 years have all struggled to teach him anything. Believe me – it’s nothing I have not already known. I am very proud of all the hours I have put in diligently pulling my hair out and grinding my teeth (while steam pours out my ears) trying to teach him at home as well.

Last summer was by far the most challenging with David. I bought countless workbooks to teach him hand eye coordination and just how to draw simple lines with a pencil!

I spent months going back and forth from the library taking out early reader books to teach him how to sound out words…  sitting with him while he was bouncing back and forth from spot to spot or leaning on his head upside down trying to read.

Of all my kids he is the most accident prone. He can’t seem to sit in a chair without falling off onto the floor at least 3 times a day.  Last weekend when he woke up, he ran into the darkened living room and when he went to jump in the armchair – sailed over the arm to hit his head on the window sill.

What set my radar off though was none of these things, but his behavior patterns (his habits, likes & dislikes).  As a parent you learn to observe like a hawk when your oldest two kids have an Autism diagnosis already.

I remember one time dropping the three older children off at school and taking David to Walmart.  He got extremely angry when I wouldn’t let him walk. (he was 2 1/2 years old)

He began to have a screaming meltdown at the top of his lungs. I calmly pushed him in the cart down each lane till I got everything I needed while people stared. A lady at the cash register told me to go ahead :) lol

I buckled him into his car seat and placed the groceries into the van. Drove all the way home. Unloaded the groceries into the house and then returned to bring him in last – all the while he was scream crying. Over two hours later.

Then there was the meal time aversions. He refused to eat anything but grilled cheese sandwiches or jam buns. I would cook something and put it on a plate in front of him. He would not touch it.

Getting him dressed to go anywhere would almost send me up the wall!
His sock was always funny.
His pants were always funny.
His shoes were always funny.
Did I mention his favorite and ONLY color to wear is RED!??

I hate winter months with him. I almost go crazy trying to get him in ski-pants! His boots are always funny and he hates his pants tucked in. What in the world is a mom to do?

When David was small I thought he was deaf.  Then thought no he’s got that male gene down and he’s selective in his hearing. I would call his name five times and he would not respond.

I would ask him a simple question, “What color are your socks?” and he would respond with the boys name in his class…

Did I mention he is extremely intelligent though and has full speech? He loves everything about dinosaurs and the stars or galaxy! I would read him a book on one of these subjects and he could recite facts back to me 2 months later!

So where does this all leave us today? What’s wrong with David?

As I was in for my checkup on Beverley at the psychologist (David was with us) I was asked if I had any concerns with David? Funny you should ask… LMBO

I was told to get a referral for David as well to the Autism Resource Centre because he figures he also falls somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. Surprise, surprise? Nope!

what's wrong with David


Will keep you updated on the progress of that as we go :)