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Celebrating The Uniqueness Of Autism

April is Autism Awareness month and this April 2nd people around the world are celebrating the uniqueness of Autism by “Lighting It Up Blue” in honor of a child, sibling, friend or family acquaintance. Otherwise known as Autism Awareness Day.

After much coaxing I was able to assemble the kids to get a celebration of blue photo…

celebrating the uniqueness of autism

I also wanted to share this TED video with 16-year-old Rosie King who is autistic. She talks about how in her head she has thousands of secret worlds going on all at the same time.

She approaches the topic of how others view Autism in check box descriptions when in reality there are variations.

“People are so afraid of variety that they try to fit everything into a tiny little box with a specific label.”

She explains how she has a very vivid imagination. She interacts with the real world, but also another world in her mind which sometimes takes precedent.

When her imagination takes hold her body would take on a life of it’s own, so when something exciting happens to her she just has to run and scream. It feeds her energy.

And just by hearing her say that – I understand why Beverley is like she is! You see the moment she wakes up – it’s like a knob is turned up on high in her head.

She does not wake quietly, but full of energy and steam. She will fly downstairs and start laughing, screaming, running and jumping.

Rosie asks the question, “Why are so many people striving to be normal? Instead of punishing anything that strives for normal – why not celebrate uniqueness and cheer every time someone unleashes their imagination?”

So when you come across someone that is autistic, take time to celebrate their uniqueness and their brilliance.  Be more accepting and less stereotyping. Stop trying to make them “normal”.

Here is the video below to watch: